Two Sons

In the kingdom of Angbotean, it was a peaceful land. They had a genuine king and queen, magic was everywhere. Some could fly, some could heal, predict the future, and some were faster than sound or light.

For many years the king and queen tried to create an heir and had failed so when the queen finally bore a beautiful son it was a joyous occasion for all the kingdom. He had hair white blonde and piercing blue eyes, he was given the Name Angel. When he was three, his power manifested and he could control the water. They trained him right away and he perfected it in a year. The town was suffering from a drought and he ended it. They believed him to be their savior.

Not long after he perfected his power, the queen bore a second son with jet black hair and the same piercing blue eyes as his brother whom they both shared with their father. He was given the name Ozzy and the the town believed him to be a thing of nightmares.

They treated him as such as he grew up mocking him and beating him including the children in school. It only got worse when his power manifested at seven when another child taunted him and his temper flared burning the kid inside out.

His father spent several years trying to train him to control it, but to no avail. As a last resort, he put magic bindings on his arms, something they put on prisoners. This worked for a little while, but soon his magic was too strong and it wasn’t enough to keep it at bay. Then his father had to put a magic collar around his neck to completely cease any magic.

The townspeople mocked him and called him a dog. They would throw sticks at him and call him a bastard because many refused to believe he was the kings son, even though his mother had always been faithful.

At 17 years old and his first day of junior year, the kids had mocked Ozzy as they always had. His temper flared, he hated these kids, his perfect brother and all the kingdom. Without realizing, the collar had failed to work and the school had filled with molten hot lava and burned everyone inside except Ozzy who had escaped.

Returning home, he found that his older brother, the towns beloved savior Angel was now the king as their father had a heart attack and took his last breath. His first plan of action was to put a stronger magic collar and cuffs on his younger brother and throw him in the dungeon.

“My father failed to protect all of us from this monster, but I will not,” Angel promised the people. “I will execute him.”

Their mother struck him. “You can’t do this your father wouldn’t want this and I don’t, he is your brother,” she pleaded.

“Your a monster as much as he is, I will have you executed for putting your hands on me in front of the kingdom and the monster you bore,” he warned. He took his sword, unsheathed it and struck his mother’s head clean off. The anger pulsed through Ozzys veins and his magic broke the bindings placed on him. “I hate you all and I hate him even more,” he said looking out to the crowd. He snatched the sword from his brother with their mother’s blood on it. “I will take your hero from you, and you will suffer the way I have,” Ozzy said briefly and shoved the sword straight through his heart and Angel was dead instantly. The town feared that the only leader they were left with was the one of their nightmares.

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