My Thoughts

When the light of the day has been extinguished,

Will the hours of the dark frighten you?

When the rainbows no longer shines with all the colors

Will you heart sink in the night?

When daylight seems to fade always slowly

Your soul begins to sink deep with in you

For is it fear or is it loneness, is it the past you carry

For in the light you must hide your soul with in

For in the light you shine with false happiness,

For only when darkness falls

That is when you are alone with your thoughts,

Alone with your heart and your memories,

When darkness falls, you cannot escape the hours that pass

You can not escape your mind your thoughts your heart

When darkness falls you are all alone with you,

Looking back on your past mistakes

Looking into the whys and the why not

Thinking what you could of changed that day

Or that week or that month,

When darkness falls the light with in you heart falls with it,

So many days come and so many days go but one thing you can

Always count on is at the end of each and every one of your days


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