The Professors Profession

Avery gets back to her dorm after a long day of studying in the library. Exhausted she flops onto her bed and rests for a few minutes. Realizing that she still has to check her grades, she grabs her laptop and logs into her grade book.

Okay okay I have all A’s that’s good, she thinks. Wait! What’s that? She stares at her laptop in disbelief.

“An F?!” She says.

Her blood boils as she grabs her bag and heads down to her English teachers classroom where luckily it’s office hours.

She slows down once she gets close to the door. She’s about to turn the handle when she hears the sound of glass breaking, someone screaming, a loud thud, then crazy laughter.

She gasps and opens the door hoping to help whoever might’ve gotten hurt.

“Professor! Is everything all right? I heard-“

She stops when she sees what’s going on in the room right in front of her.

“P-professor?” She stutters.

Before her she sees a broken vase on floor right next to the body of what looks like her Art professor Mr. Ross. Her English professor Mr. Green is holding what looks like a large trash bag.

His eyes go wide and he sternly says “close the door!”

Avery closes the door and then puts her hand to her mouth and says “what happened to Mr. Ross?”

Professor Green looks around quickly, “Uh, oh him? Right uh... this vase uh accidentally fell on him.”

She looks at his body, “Is he unconscious? He doesn’t look like he’s breathing...”

Professor Green glances down to the body and swiftly turns his body so that it covers the blood splatter that Avery hadn’t noticed yet.

“Oh yes, he barely got hurt, you know Mr. Ross, he’s very uh panicky so he most likely just passed out from the shock. I will uh bring him to the nurses office when he wakes up just to make sure he doesn’t uh have a concussion.”

Avery sighs and calms down a bit, now feeling reassured that he is probably fine.

“That makes sense Professor, you had me worried for a minute.”

Mr. Green chuckles nervously and looks around the room.

“Uh well sorry to waste your time,” Avery says, trying to get back on track to fix her grade “I noticed I had an F in your class, but I haven’t missed any assignments...”

“Oh uh here how about this,” Professor Green says with a nervous craziness in his eyes. “Uh how about if you don’t tell anyone what you saw today I will raise your grade to an A+? Uh because uh Mr. Ross would probably be very uh embarrassed if people found out he passed out, oh my that would be embarrassing for him!” He nervously chuckles while looking Avery in the eyes.

Avery thinks, wow from an F to an A+! This was the opportunity of a lifetime! And she wouldn’t have to do anything either!

“Deal professor!” She smiles as she shakes his hand, not noticing the blood stains on his hands as she lets go.

She leaves his classroom competent oblivious to the real problem at hand.

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