Which Wire?

Cut the white wire

I say through the walkie-talkie

The signal is unsteady

And my voice sounds garbled.

What was that

I can’t hear you

The signal isn’t coming through.

I said cut the white wire

Only the white wire

Our situation is dire

Please cut the white wire.

Im trying to cut the right wire

But it is ever so important

That I know the color of the wire.

The white wire

Never the red wire

I call out once more

Unable to wait anymore.


I’ve cut the wire

Now we’re fine

Am I right?

That’s great

I say with relief

Only to look at the screen

And see the timer going at full speed.

Which wire did you cut?

I ask with impatience.

For now we have less time

Than we did at the beginning.

The red wire of course

For you said the right wire

Was the red wire

It’s always the red wire!

I sigh

It looks like we’re all going to die.

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