A triumphant smirk was plastered to Sora’s face as he danced his way through the streets of London, the cold breezes of the night kissing his cheeks. His feet felt lighter than usual. Two steps would take him up into the air and two more would drop him back down. Gravity bent at his fingertips and the thrill of watching it unfold sent adrenaline swimming through his veins. Just moments ago, he’d sent a man flying after he tried to steal a woman’s purse; satisfying to say the least. The streetlights were bright like fireflies and some flickered under the weight of age. As he climbed the stairs of his apartment, the tiny flame of excitement was yet to be extinguished so he chose to venture up to the rooftop instead. His feet dangled off the edge of the building, cars and people passing beneath him; the world below him a kaleidoscope of red, green and yellow. He stood up, heaving in a breath of cold air, the same smile stuck to his face as if it had been glued. Then his legs gave way. The space around him caught him as if it were a net, the impact making his body bounce - but he never fell. Exhilaration glistened in his eyes as he flew about, a couple metres at a time, enjoying how weightless he felt. He passed building after building, dark and empty of any life. It took precisely three minutes for him to arrive before the Big Ben. The clock stood before him, grand in all its glory. Although old, little of the structure had been damaged. So entranced by its appearance, Sora failed to notice two hands moving towards the twelve. It wasn’t until the ringing started that Sora realised his mistake. A new day - a new power. Almost instantly, he dropped. The wind was harsh against his skin and slapped at his face. His heart was lodged in his throat, panicked. As he grasped around for anything to hold despite knowing there would be nothing, tears began to fill his eyes. Then a vision crossed his path. Beige in colour, the event unfolded before him and his guts twisted upon seeing his own body splatter against the ground. He could hear screams, sirens. So that was today’s power: the ability to see into the future.

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