The Great Donut Caper

Deep down inside me, I knew it wasn’t right. I just.. I loved donuts so much!! Urgh.. I could eat donuts all day everyday! Donuts are just so good. The glaze goodness and don’t even get me started on the jelly in the middle! Even as I write this statement I can taste donuts. I sat in my bedroom one night wishing I had donuts, when I came up with what I had thought to be the perfect plan. (Clearly Not.) The plan was to take the baker hostage and demand him to be my personal donut baker for life. I would feed him properly, bathe him, even walk him! But apparently that’s “aGaInSt tHe lAw”. I realized for this plan, I would need an accomplice. I went to my grandmas house because she is from Japan, doesn’t that make her a ninja? She wasn’t very happy about the idea. “If we pull this off, we’re set for life!” is what I said when I tried to convince her.. It didn’t work very well, because now I am writing a prison statement.

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