Don’t You Remember Me?

My royal blue blouse stood out between the black,

As the two men escort me down the hall.

I know where I’m going, I might not come back - but I am not shaken at all.

They lead me to a room with another young man, who seems to be the boss.

As I enter he motions to a chair with his hand, and I take a seat across.

“What brings you here, darling?” He asks with a grin.

I wordlessly glare into his eyes.

Though he has the looks and he has the charm,

The word that comes to mind is despise.

“Release my brother, and I’ll go away. I swear you’ll never see me again.”

His smile faltered, he dropped his gaze, and then looked over at his men.

“I know he caused trouble, I know he’s to blame. But please, I am begging, stop this game.”

The man shakes his head, his smile returning.

“What your brother has done is far more than concerning.”

“I’ll answer for his crimes, I’ll pay any debt. I’ll collect any money - just make the price set.”

The man stared at me, deep in his thoughts.

I could see in his eyes he’s connecting the dots.

“Oh dear, it’s really you,” he says suddenly.

I still in confusion. “Don’t you remember me?”

I shake my head once, then think about it more.

Oh goodness, he’s right. I’ve met him before.

“Just let him go,” I repeat once again. “We’ll both leave the town if you want it then.”

He nodded once at one of his men, who turned to exit the room.

“They’ll bring out your brother, don’t worry about him. What I’m curious about is you.”

“Let’s not bring up the history, what’s past is past, I’d rather not remember it all.”

“I cannot believe you would leave me unread, not a single voicemail or call.”

“Stop talking.”

“But why?”

“I’m leaving. Goodbye.” I stand and walk away.

“Don’t worry,” he called. “You don’t have to pay at all. I’ll excuse your brother’s mistake.”

I turn back on my heel. “Where’s the catch, what’s the deal?”

He simply shrugs. “No catch - this is real. Just do me one favour - do not leave the town.”

I frown but he smiles. I turn back around. Whatever that was, it was just the first round.

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