Black Skin

I would like to share my favourite book which is talking about the hate.what you do by your hate towards something or it influences on the community? Does it has good or bad effects on the community?is it only bad ?

It was so interesting because I thought it is only bad thing or leaves bad impact so i pass through it precisely

There is a gail could jeseka she is a hard worker in her school.she is eighteen she loves shopping and hanging out with her friends.she is sociable she loves to meet new people and talking spontaneously

She is not too tall.she has a dark skin.she comes from penury family but she has a priceless heart.

Jeseka’s colleagues love her but not all there are some who evasive her because of her high grades.others criticise her black colour calling we couldn’t see you.she glimpses .she couldn’t respond this riots.she is given by their hate

Other people didn’t talk to her but their gesture leaves knives hurt her but this chimp girl decided to stop this hate despite of knowing these conundrums are difficult to stop talks.

She decided to turn this hate to positive impact makes her developing.she could push herself and the first student who scored highest scores in all the activities of the school and they clapped for her

After a long day She was coming back to her home while the exbit came and took her backpack. She screamed everyone in the precinct heard her.some men had come saved her and returned her stuffs she thanked him patted on his arm.the man say never mind sweet girl

Would you wind walking with you to the home.they walked and talked alot.they become friends.she found a real friend gives her love save respect

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