The Journey Home

Writhing beneath the gentle current floats the great Sockeye salmon. She has begun the arduous trek toward her home-waters, the smell of familiar gravel and streams guiding her wayward journey. The scales on her body begin shifting color, sensitive to the touch. Here where the rivers meet the sea, the water remains murky, severely limiting her vision. However she is strong and healthy, and relies upon that scent of home like an invisible beacon during a storm. She tastes the freshwater, knowing she is on the right path, but a biological stopwatch has been activated. Her body has adapted to the salt, and returning to the freshwater will inevitably be her demise, hopefully after a successful spawn. But that is a long ways away - she thrusts forward into the warmer waters. Rapids and currents cannot stop her, the quiet ocean must be left behind. Her sixth sense, that natural instinct, drives her to continue her genetic legacy. She will attempt one of the most challenging, strenuous and dangerous journies in the animal kingdom: the journey home.

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