Death Is No Such

Water is lapping between your chin and neck, each wave colliding to the beat of your heart. You struggle to stay afloat, the treading of water difficult in the constantly rocking waters.

You splutter from a mouthful of water, some going down your throat, coughing meekly. Your eyes burn with a fire, determination. You kick harder, collarbone reappearing momentarily as the icy waters consume the feeble attempt.

Your hear the chuckle of a man, Poseidon maybe, but they’re chuckling at your tries. They’re chuckling at you, for trying to go against nature.

You slash the water with greedy hands, but the stronger current pulls you under. Your breath recedes from your lungs. Bubbles float to the surface of the water. Your eyes look pleadingly to the reflecting light, warbling and dappling.

The dark depths of the sea consume you. Cold and Rough. Blackness grasps the last tendrils of your life, as great spasms of last life, flow through your weakened body.

Beware of the monsters below, they will eat you. Tear you to shreds with no sympathy, no pity, no remorse. They’ll eat your humanly flesh, until there is nothing but your soul.

It flows now with the water, flowing with nature. It takes your soul deeper, underground and more.

Hades takes you gladly, a lost soul! He chuckles with lost voices. The arms grab your invisible form, pulling you awkwardly into the fiery pool.

Death is no such, so beware small children, for Hades, or Zeus, are waiting for you above and below.

(I was just assuming Zeus was like..the opposite of Hades and ruler of the sky like a God-like figure? Ok yes, Ik he is a god, but like Jesus and God. Idrk 😒)

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