Living’ the Dream

One big house, one bright child, one tall white picket fence,

Two incomes and then some,

Three-car garage and four bedrooms,

Five times seven is number of years left on the note,

Six ten eighteen years in,

oceans of tears, battle-scarred hearts, few wins

all the WHILEST, our textbook plug-and-play church life kicked in


I met you.

And my world stopped, and it turned upside down

and like sand in an hourglass, precious time slipped away,

but the longing remained

AND SO the furnace was ablaze

As I looked into your eyes, I saw my future go up in flames and

What man, society, and blue-collar planning built

collapsed, charred, and burned to the ground

BUT WHAT remained,

is my future in your face

and our one blue flame





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