The stroll of a lifetime.

While I was taking a winter stroll through the park, I saw a very suspicious silhouette of a person walking in a very fast pace away from someone. At first this gave me a weird feeling, even scared me a little and thought what could they be up to. Even though my nerves were telling me to go away I decided to ignore them, as a result curiosity got the best of me. I became more worried but even more intrigued at what was happening as a result I decided to investigate what was happening. Once I got close to them I asked them what are you guys doing?! The suspicious man looked very worried and kept walking away while the man that followed started walking a different direction because he had been seen. Which I thought was very strange however I shrugged off and decided to keep up with the suspicious individual. After that I saw the silhouette of a very famous golden brooch dubbed The stolen Brooch of King Tiger the second. Which had been stolen and had not been seen in years. When he noticed I locked eyes in the brooch he started to run but I was determined to return the brooch to the museum it rightfully belonged to. So I chased off after him getting closer and closer by the second until I was able to tackle him. I wrestled to get the brooch loose but he just wouldn’t let go he kept trying to get away from me but I didn’t give up until i was finally able to get him in a headlock and make him pass out. In which at this point I was very excited and adrenaline was pumping through my whole body, i tried to calm down and think of my next move. Which was to call the cops and report the crimes this man had committed. When the cops came they took the man put him behind bars took the brooch to the rightful place it belonged. And I was dubbed a hero for returning the golden brooch that had been stolen.

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