Guilty By Public Opinion

“At least they got a good angle.” Chesney scoffed. She was disgusted at the fact that her story made headline news. She assumed that it must be a slow news week being that her beautiful high cheek accented chestnut face was the biggest spread on the front page of the local newspaper. If only people could see her in her natural beauty instead of a photo taken inside of a county jail. Her palms began to get sweaty as the anger from images of the unexpected incident instantly began to flood her mind causing her body temperature to rise. As she tossed the newspaper paper to the ground. She tried to stay away from watching tv because she figured living in a smaller town buzz would eventually get around and she wanted no parts in remembering what happened. It was her nosey neighbor Karen who always worried about other people’s business that felt the need to bring the public announcement to her attention. Chesney could see in the twitch in Karen’s sea blue eyes and tell from her matter of fact tone that she was loving every minute of the exposure.

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