I’m not sure if I have anything to say.

At least that people would want to hear. How do I know what people find interesting? What would intrigue them? Can I do that?

It’s these unknowns that make me struggle. I wrestle with the self doubt and anxiety every time I write. My finger hovers above the “Post Writing” as I contemplate if anyone will care.

I like creating a world that no one has seen, not even I know the full extent, the potential of the places in my brain. It distracts me for a moment when I get an idea or become inspired. Inspired by the things that I love.

Are my silly little worlds worth it? Will anyone read it?

There are plot holes and repetitive sentence structures. I write the word “said” too many times. I can’t come up with the descriptions that I can picture. My dialogue doesn’t come off as natural. I never know what to title my stories. How do you capture all of what you write in a singular word or phrase?

I wish I was better instantly, but that would be skipping the hard part. Learning is part of the journey. If I want to improve my writing skills, that will come with effort and time. At least I hope.

Maybe I’ll finish this for myself. That if I’m proud, it doesn’t matter what others think.

So I’ll continue to write about the fantastical stories like princess and witches and people with supernatural abilities.

For me.

And maybe one day, that will be enough.

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