Solitary Confinement

They entered their world.

The click thrusted their senses,

Far from reality and into fantasy

A world of painful white.

Like an endless confinement room

With only a book and pen on the ground,

They walked in a direction,

Searching for change.

Before they were met with the book and pen.

Taking them they began to walk again.

The white continued to pierce the endless tile

And though holding the book and pen.

They were met with another set of them.

Pen and book lying on the tile

As if they hadn’t been touched.

They opened the book.

Seeing a blank page.

Followed by more emptiness.

Then a name and some words.

“From Levi - may you write your dreams.”

They threw the book across the soundless tile.

Taking the pen to stab the tile and breaking it.

Ink bled on the pure white.

Covering his fingers black.

“I’ll paint my nightmares instead”

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