The sand is warm and the water is cool. They balance out each other so when they hit our feet, it’s comforting. The sun is peering down us, i’m pretty sure we will be as red as a lobster.

My boyfriends arm is around my shoulder as we walk along the shore. I’m wearing a dress that flows in the wind and he’s wearing light blue swim trunks. I look down and with each step I take the sand gets on my feet, then washes away.

“Babe, There’s something over there floating in the water.” I look up from my feet and run to look. My curious mind always gets ahead of me.

The closer I get the more I see that it’s a clear beer bottle with something in it.

“There’s something in it.” I say as I grab it out the water. He comes up behind me and waits patiently as I open it.

I try and twist the top off but it’s hard and stuck.

“Let me do it, babe.” He grabs it from my hands and twists off the top easily. Show off. I smile as he takes out the little paper.

“I need help. I’m stuck on this little island. Please send help. SOS.” Reads the little paper.

“We need to call someone.” I say as my smile fades quickly.

“It’s probably some dumb prank.” He laughs.

“But what if it isn’t?”

“There’s no way this is real. I don’t think there are any islands out here.”

“Please. Just in case?” I do a pouty lip which always works.

“Fine. Let’s go.” He says and we run up to our hotel.

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