Dear diary

I have to write this quickly. I’m very aware of the fact that as soon as one of them realise I’m writing this, I’m going to be killed. That doesn’t scare me, but you guys out there not knowing the truth does.

This planet has been known for centuries as “The peaceful planet”, which has just a handful of kinda creatures leaving in perfect harmony. I’m here to tell you guys that is not at all correct.

Admittedly, arriving was my biggest mistake. But it’s happened. These creatures are not peaceful. They torture each other through mind games. They find out each other’s weaknesses and use them against each other. They mentally stab each other in the back, which from what I’ve seen is somehow worse than being physically stabbed in the back.

I’ve just seen someone get shot in the head for not dropping to the floor fast enough. This seems to be a war in which people are enjoying. They aren’t calling it a war as of yet, apparently it’s just their nature and this is all normal, but surely acting this cold heartedly has got to be due to some sort of war. I can hear people banging at the door, I have to go. Please spread this to whoever you can, people need to know how bad the planet earth is.

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