Carl drove along the brightly lit streets, and saw a girl, standinng alone in a dark alleyway. No, it wasn’t a girl. It was a monster. The monster that haunted Carl’s dreams ever since he had seen it 10 years ago, right after his mother died.

Now the monster just stared at him. And suddenly, it was no longer a monster, but again a little girl. A tall woman walked over to the monster girl and took her by the hand. As the two walked away, Carl noticed the girl’s eyes were still staring him down, even though her back was to him.

Carl blinked. The girl and the woman were gone. Vanished. As if they were never there.

A sound in the backseat of his car startled him out of his trance. He glanced behind him, and choked back a shout.

There, in the backseat of his very own car, sat the monster carl had just seen walking with the tall woman outside. It’s long, horrible face stared at Carl. Carl was frozen with horror.

Then, as if there had just been a glitch, there was no longer a horrible monster sitting in Carl’s backseat. It was a scared little girl. She pointed outside to the tall woman that had taken the girl’s hand a few moments ago and mouthed: “Help me”.

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