My illicit ways surface in every burst of adrenaline

Adrenaline that shades over morality with instinct,

Instinct that charges my body in an arch of motion

Motion for a fight,

Fight for the survival

Survival is the marrow of my being,

Being hostile is the trigger keeping me alive,

Alive, sparks of resistance uproar,

Uproar into an event where form and purpose converge

Converge into an untamed creation,

Creation of hatred and violence,

Violence even I wonder the justification

Justification is what keeps me up at night

Night is the fragile barrier between moving on and letting bloodlust take control

Control is the trait I am missing,

Missing it’s stability is what makes me impulsive and cruel

Cruel reaches of mindless killing,

Killing my mind and body,

Body numbed of any humanity left,

Left with a machine of revenge and destruction

Destruction of only rampant incarnations,

Incarnations I have claimed my own

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