Death at our Door

Everyday I fear for my life. I fear for my sister’s life. We came to Mars for a good life, for a new break after our parents died. And we just needed a new home. We weren’t expecting a war to exist on a planet thought to be uninhabited. They live on the surface. Our colony is underground. We haven’t seen the light of day in almost a year. Nor do we think we ever will see the light. There have been announcements that both sides of the war occurring above have been trying to infiltrate our colony. So it’s only a matter of time before our defenses wear thin. I’m writing in this diary so people who come to join the colony in the next year will know what they are joining. And-

They’re here. They’re here. I can hear the screams. The sounds of death outside our door. I’ve hidden my sister in the closet. They’ll find em and only me. I made sure to erase any sign of other life in this house than me. I-

My sister saved my life. But I’m alone. I strolled through the colony. And I’m alone. I can still hear the warring people above. But now I’m going to fight back. I’ll do something to avenge my sister. Because now I’m alone and pissed.

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