TW: mentions of blood

Come one, come all,


to the closet place on Earth like **Hell! **

Every step you take,

every **whisper** in the halls

are recorded on s c r o l l s we pile up to the ceiling.

I will be your tour guide today, please keep all belongings on you at all times.

You never know when they’ll get **stolen. **

But of course, you can’t control when _they _do.

Don’t you dare tell your best friend anything,

there’s a camera on her,

Don’t you dare glare at them,

they’ll curse you out to everyone else.

Excuse me, please don’t point fingers at the pedestrians around us, your arm should be in the cart.

besides, they have enough people stalking them.

No, small child, you can’t leave to interact with them,

your too young, they’ll eat you alive! _*insane laugh here*_

But, you will be old enough one day…

Oh! Would you look at the time, it’s time to stand still and move, oh would you look at that?

theres blood.


_while the rest of the passangers look at the blood, you see the memories of a someone passing by…_

_The ten of us, sitting at the table joking about randomness._


_The four of us, laughing about stupid things we said and funny TV shows._

_The three of us, chasing each other on the playground over dodgeballs and waterbottles. _

_The two of us, giggling between classes as we laughed about stinky shoes and cake. _




_We have been here too long._


_Walking hallways as we joked about P.E. and Art. _

_Dancing terribly in studios that aren’t our own. _


_Eating lunch at tables we pushed together for us all to fit._




_Now we sit at this table _

_Too small to fit everyone. _

_Yet too open, so we must whisper…_


_Even then they can hear us. _

_We joked and joked until IT started coming. _

_Now it won’t go away. _


_Too much _

_Too much _


_Too much._

_Back to the host_

Too much? Too much?!

no, no, this is just the start.

So, who’s going to die today?

That is why you kids are here, right?

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