The Pretty People

Satis facies ne semper veritatem

They dance and laugh and yell

They mock us other girls who sit at home and write in our notebooks

They want us all to be happy

When they laugh just as loud behind our backs

They sway their hips to psychedelic music

Dance with the boys

The parties too loud

The pretty people too pretentious

The sounds of their laughter isn’t much

But it’s already lit the room

Our insides twirl

Embarrassment laces me

I look at the handsome face until my eyes screw up and my stomach hurts

I can’t feel a thing

I’m looking in the mirror now hoping my eyes can show me the way

The face burnt into my mind so I can never un-see it

Pretty privilege

Models move

Fat grows

Envy sneaks in

Parties too loud

Privilege too proud

My mind like a crowd

I can’t cope with the pretty people

I hope and hope they’ll go away

They yell and laugh and dance

I watch from my phone

While I sit here and write

In the notebook

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