(This is between me and one of my favorite characters of my little fantasy’s and daydreams)

Me: Hey Perce

Percy: What.

Me: Jeeze, who woke you up.

Percy: Well, if I’m going to be honest, you, you’re the one who created me.

Me: That makes sense, wow I didn’t know I created you with this much attitude.

Percy: So? What do you want?

Me: Fine, I’ll only annoy you a bit, ask me any 3 questions and I’ll answer, any.

Percy: Why did you make me believe in mole people?

Me: I made you believe in mole people because I wanted to make a horror story

Percy: Why did you leave me and my story to a dusty shelf?

Me: Because my interests were changing very quickly.

Percy: So? You just like replaced me so quickly? That’s just-

Me: Calm down Perce, I’ll come back to your story.

Percy: Y-you will?

Me: Yes, I’ll even add chapters on chapters, j was planning on it anyways.

Percy: I’m so excited I could squeal like a pig.

Me: Really?

Percy: No, but goodbye, I’ve asked more than three questions by now.

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