Catholic of Greek gods goddess temple coverings

Entering the garden of the temple at the door knocking awaiting for the Roman catholic of Greek gods some of the disciple of Kingsmen that have traveled for weeks and months to deliver this high message of passage out of the lock of the briefcase brown with leather straps riding through the wooded areas as the kingman’s stop and Turn up the canisters and let the horses drank . As the Kingman‘s check The horses muzzles and their crest Greek gods and goddess coverings ,coverings. Where they have waited a long time of days and weeks of return with babies in the arms with the symbols of shiny paints of gods of them selves of the stories told from their descendants up of the coveing ends up above their head as they look up to pray to him who is he the coverings the coverings of the stories of the long time the centuries of the fathers in the mothers of the children’s in the pictures of the paintings of their lives the temple of the catholic of the Greek gods in the goddess Covering,covering. BY: Eleanora Jackson

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