How Very Shakespearean

To be or not to be?

That was the most famous question...

I can become ones darkest thoughts or wildest hopes;

I can describe a romance or heartache or a dream you had three nights ago.

Courage comes from the writers, the poets;

Comfort is given to my readers, those who seek me in the lost unthought of corners of a public library somewhere.

I come quite naturally to some... to others, like my writer, it is a challenge.

Whether or not to rhyme or to have rhythm is a less known question;

One many have laughed at when they here of me... but laugh they may.

Though they have not dared to express their thoughts or bothered to read others, that does not lessen my value or those of the writers or readers that favor me.

Your only question left after you have penned these words is...

To be or not to be?

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