Caspian watched the others shuffle at the cold temperature, anyone would, it was below freezing out. But his father had insisted his family went out ice fishing, he glanced at his father and could see a slight bit of regret on his face. Caspian has always been able to read people easily.

Just then, he could read the look his mother was giving him, ‘Dont do it’. But as he dove into the frozen lake, he couldnt help but wonder why? It the ice looked so beautiful from the other side, and the small minnows swam by as if nothing was wrong. Even the seals seemed to be alive under the ice.

As he swam back up to the surface and emerged from the water, he could here the worried voices of his family, muffled greatly from the water in his ears.

And now here he was, huddled by the fireplace at their house, several hours later. Limbs still numb from the dive..

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