Escape From The Sky Fortress

I dart through the hallways, knowing I had to find a way out soon or they would recapture me. I came to a window and, without thinking, smashed the glass. My fist was coated in blood and shattered glass pierced my bare feet.

I pulled myself towards the window but stopped upon realising how high up I was. I didn't have time to find a better way so I took a deep breath, steadied myself, and threw myself out of the window.

As I got closer to the ground, I shut my eyes and braced myself for the impact. A few metres before I hit the ground something large slipped beneath me and caught me on it’s soft back and swooped back up. I smile and rub the creatures neck, muttering my thanks.

I guide it and we fly far, far away from The Sky Fortress and away from those who would prefer to keep me locked up.

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