Dreaming Together

Sitting in a swing

In my home, my space, my refuge,

With her sitting by my side.

Falling out of hammocks,

Laughing at our cats,

As the lilacs bloom outside.

Sitting by a lake,

Eating the strawberries we bought

At a little roadside stand.

Sailing our little boat,

Cutting through the water,

Looking past the land.

Sitting on my bed,

Curled up with a book

I’ve read a thousand times.

Hearing all the noises,

The birds, the wind, the leaves,

Hearing nature’s chimes.

Sitting in a classroom,

Coming back to earth,

While the teacher talks to no one.

Wishing it was over

While everyone I know

Tells me it’s barely begun.


Disclaimer: I have never really written poetry. I’m not entirely sure if this is poetry at all or just me word-vomiting late at night, but I was having some Feelings and so this thing was born. Hope you enjoy :)

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