Never Enough

She couldn’t breath.

All the straight A’s and violin lessons

All the books she had read.

the textbooks the annotated

All the being ignored and sacrifice

All she wanted was to be seen.

To be recognized and see their pride.

But it was never enough.

Behind broken telephone lines and before rusted bicycles.

they would play in the midnight sun.

Till they grew up.

The amount of sacrifice

was never enough to be seen.

A facade to everyone else, seeing their “perfect” daughter.

But didn’t even get a mention at their funeral.

A fire burned too bright, a star shined too bright.

The sun in the middle of the night.

And now, here she was.

A fool built on lies and false promises.

Without friends who she had to give up.

And family who left her without a second thought.

She is alone.

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