Coffee Talk

Mike stood in front of his ex, Hannah. The northerly wind from this overcast day gave a little bite to the March afternoon. He had his cup of coffee in his hand and was headed back to his new place. Trees lined the sidewalk in front of the coffee shop. " have things been?"

Hannah kept her face emotionless, a royal flush only she knew and refused to hint about. "Wonderful," she answered, "especially now that the weather is beginning to warm up and we can get outside and play."

"Yes," Mike said, unable to contain the expression in his eyes, one of intrigue. Did she know? He hadn't asked yet! "It is nice to have a sunny day once in a while."

"I like sunny days. Sometimes stormy days, too." Hannah hesitated before asking, "Have you had some sunny days where you live?"

What an odd question--Hannah only lived 5 miles from his current townhouse. "Very sunny," he responded. "Warm and sunny."

"Many days have been stormy for me. And windy. Sometimes it makes me feel...sick to my stomach."

"I suppose springtime has those days, too." Mike shifted on his feet uncomfortably. "You just need good friends to support you on those days...those rainy days."

"I agree. I was thinking that some friends could show up more during rainy days, to support them." Hannah gritted her teeth. Too much.

"My friend doesn't like being out on rainy days." Mike was getting irritated. He wasn't going back. "She really loves playing outside on sunny days. Warm, sunny days."

Hannah's nostril's flared. "Is your sunny day blonde?"

What? How?

"I mean, how is she going to handle sunny days when there's a little storm cloud around? Huh?"

"I think she'll do just fine." Geez, Mike knew Hannah tolerated them, but apparently she downright hated them!" He turned to leave, to run away, to escape...again.

Hannah grabbed his arm and twisted him around. His coffee splashed around in his paper cup, thankfully secured with a lid. "She'll have a name, you know."

"She already does."

"No, not your new 'girlfriend.' Our baby!"

"What? How?"

Hannah threw up her arms and groaned. "You're infuriating! And you bet your butt you and your new blonde bombshell will be paying child support when the baby comes." She stormed off.

Mike stood there in a daze, a twister of thoughts swirling in his head. Was he really going to be a father? With her? Crap! All he wanted to do was ask Hannah to watch his new golden-doodle puppy while he was out of town, not burden her with child support papers. He turned and walked towards his place to let his puppy La Nina out of her crate, wishing he would have made coffee at home.

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