Wonderfully warm protection

Keeps me warm all winter

Oh, their my obsession

I'd wear one in the hot summer even if I was a sprinter

Colors vary

But my love for them does not

Not a heavy thing to carry

But when it gets hot...

You'll still see me in a sweatshirt

Because why not

Where whatever shirt

Maybe in a tank top when it gets hot

I don't care what you think

Don't judge this heavenly piece of clothing

There's nothing to rethink

Ya, your probably opposing

You judge me all you want

But my opinion is my opinion

The words LIFEGAURD in a bold font

Not because of where I'm from, I'm a Virginian

So whatever, your missing out

Pick you color, pattern, and size

I won't argue with what you feel right about

If someone says something bad about em' they're telling lies.

(I kind lost focus on the whole "Glorifying light" part but I don't care because I'm pleased with how this turned out. Changing something slightly neither hurts nor helps, it's a writing exercise! )

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