All In a Day

What is he doing? He's ignoring me. Talking to that other human. Its all bout me, not that stranger.

And that noise, the other humans are always so active, so noisy. Pesky things, really. They chase me around, call it practice. I got one of them really good the other day. Bit him hard. Well, he pulled my tail.

Yaaawwwwwnn. Fine. Deal with that stranger. But I expect extra fish tonight for dinner.

It's not a bad life here at the village. Most of the humans are kind, and they move slowly and quietly. They stop to pet my head, and I even allow a select few to rub my belly.

Food is great. So much fish. All I have to do is chase (and eat) the mice that threaten the grain. I do let some of the squeakers go, they come back and I am still employed.

The stranger has left. The Old Human walks slowly towards me. He seems sad, did the stranger hurt him? I didn't see anything, but they did talk a great deal.

The Old One sits down. Okay, this is my other job. I sit in his lap, and knead and purr. This usually brings smiles, but today it doesn't seem to work. I look up, and utter, "meow?"

The Old One looks down, strokes my head softly, and whispers something. I never could understand human speech.

That is okay. I'll sit here as long as I am needed.

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