Death in the Dark Forest

Crime Scene Report – Summary

Victim Information:

Name – Gnikmor

Race – Gnome

Occupation – None

Home Address – Gnome Cabin #12 Located in the Dark Forest west of the waterfall

Description of Crime Scene:

Crime Scene Address – Cottage #12 Dark Forest west of the waterfall

Position of Victim – Sitting, hunched over to the left side on the front porch rocking chair. The chest seems to have caved in on itself, but not from force.

Possible Murder Weapons – A dark purple glass vial that was found broken at the bottom of the porch’s steps.

Initial Coroner’s Findings:

Time of Death – Undetermined

Cause of Death – Liquified lungs and ribcage. Possibly caused by poison?


After analyzing the contents in the purple vial, I found that it contained a poison, but not one

previously cataloged. It is clear now that this substance has been artificially produced, making the components harder to trace. For now, we will continue to analyze the glass vial to see if we can get any leads. I have never seen glass like this before, and the only results we have been getting are unknown to the system. The investigation is at a standstill with no other leading clues and witnesses.

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