Blessing or Curse?

I woke up, quickly dressed and headed off to school. On my way, I saw a coca cola shop that hadn't been there yesterday. So I decided to grab a drink. When I reached school, I had already finished half of my drink. I quickly drank the rest of it and threw the bottle in the dustbin.

I was saying hi to everyone, but for some reason they were all ignoring me. The teachers, the students, even the janitors! What had I done?? Even my best friend, June, was ignoring me. This was getting out of hand. I wanted to scream. I shouted at everyone to tell me what I had done wrong. But nobody listened. If someone shouted in the hallway, they got detention. I was so mad, I stormed off to class. I sat on my seat, and when the teacher was marking attendance, she marked me absent, even when I said present!

I rushed to the washroom. But I wasn't prepared for what I saw: I couldn't see myself in the mirror! Uh oh- was I- invisible? NO WAY!! It must have been that drink I drank this morning. I left school and went to the shop from where I brought the drink. I wrote on a piece of paper, "I drank your drink and now I'm invisible HELP!!" The guy chuckled. He said, "Well I'm sorry, but you'll stay like that for a week. My assistant shouldn't have given you the drink. My bad."


3 days in and my missing posters are all over the city. Welp, guess what? I'M RIGHT HERE!! This is horrible, and I hate every bit of it. This is definitely a curse.

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