Future friends

[Scene: A holographic communication booth, connecting two friends, Zara on Mars and Leo on Europa, millions of kilometers apart.]

Zara: Leo, can you believe we're finally going to meet in person? I never thought I'd leave Mars!

Leo: I know, right? It's incredible what's possible now. Traveling between planets is just a regular thing here on Europa.

Zara: It still blows my mind! I mean, just a few decades ago, it was just a dream.

Leo: Tell me about it. And speaking of dreams, wait till you see the view from Europa's surface. It's like nothing you've ever seen on Mars.

Zara: I can't wait! But hey, how's life on Europa? I've heard you guys have these gravity-defying transportation pods now?

Leo: Oh, you have no idea. It's like floating through the air, except you're in a pod traveling at supersonic speeds! It's wild.

Zara: That sounds amazing! We're still stuck with those clunky rovers on Mars. But hey, at least we have those self-repairing habitats now.

Leo: True, true. And don't get me started on the food synthesizers here. You won't believe the flavors they can replicate!

Zara: I'm looking forward to trying them! But hey, speaking of food, I brought some Martian delicacies for you to try. Ever had Martian chocolate?

Leo: Martian chocolate? No way! I've heard it's out of this world. Literally.

Zara: You're in for a treat, my friend. And hey, after we meet, we should visit the biodome. They've got these incredible alien plants that glow in the dark!

Leo: Count me in! I've always wanted to see those. Anyway, the shuttle's about to land. I'll see you soon, Zara.

Zara: Can't wait, Leo! Safe travels. See you on Europa!

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