Percy had just got down from the school bus, when he noticed his mother standing outside the door waiting for him. Stretching his hands, he ran to give his mother a big hug, his mother bent down to grab him up, he was panting heavily with joy in his face. “Mom, I miss you”

“What did you cook, I am so hungry”

His mom smiled at him, walking back inside the house. She asked, “Did anything special happened in school today?”

Percy, thought about the strange looking clown that was invited to the school to make the kids laugh, and he bust into laughter.

”Mom, a clown came to our school today, he wore a red dress with different colours, his face was painted white and his nose was red.”

As they got close to the kitchen, he perceived the smell of fried chicken and tried to wriggle down from his mother embrace. The mother smiled, knowing the only thing on his mind right now was the fried chicken.

The next morning, Percy mother tapped Percy, he was feeling grungy, and didn't want to leave his bed. His mother smiled when she noticed how he tried covering himself. The weather was chilling, and she had prepared a warm bath for him, unfortunately, Percy was not willing.

She carried him, helping him to remove his Toy Story pyjamas. While standing, he yawned, and tried to go back to bed, but his mom rushed him into the bathroom. He stared at his mom, still thinking, why he is not in bed. He mouthed, ”Good morning, mom”

As usual, his mom stood guard as she watched her son having his bath. When he was done, he stretched out his hands to get his towel from his mom.

Percy was dressed for school with his school back behind him. He got into the school bus, waving at his mother. When the bus arrived at the school, Percy jumped down from the bus and walked to his class. He stared at the school building when his desk mate, stood in front of him.

“Percy, did you do your assignment?”

“Yes, I did”

“Can you let me have a look, I have a hard time solving the first question”

“Alright, no problem”,

Percy dipped his hands into his bag, to bring out his maths notebook. Saul collected the book, feeling excited, "Thank you, I will return it in five minutes”

“No problem.”

Percy walked into the building, and thought about his father, he couldn't wait for his father to get back from his trip. The last time he went with his father on a trip, he learnt how to start a fire using stone a branch of wood, he also learned how to catch a pheasant, there were so many things he learned. As he got close to the class, he felt he needed to use the toilet immediately.

He ran fast to the restroom, and eased himself when his butt, sat on the toilet seat, he heard a sound from the window at back, he turned around, and noticed a bird that got stuck on the window. He flushed the toilet, turned around to help the little bird, only for him to be dragged through the little window.

Not only that, but he tried to scream, with his heart thumping fast, His mouth was covered with a sock that reeked of dirt and sweat. He tried to have a look at the person that his holding him, and he was blindfolded. He could hear the sound of a vehicle stopping, he was thrown inside the bus like a sack of potato, His head hit hard against the car window. Tears filled his eyes with his nose sniffling, all he could think of was his mom and dad. The diver driving the vehicle arrived at an abandoned warehouse. The door of the car was opened, Percy could feel the brightness of the sky, he was carried into the warehouse and the blindfold was removed.

His eyes red from weeping in the vehicle was staring at the other children in the warehouse, they were about 100, he didn't understand why he was here. He saw adults men wearing masks covering their faces with guns in their hands, this is something he has only seen on TV before.

As he was new among the kids brought to the warehouse, he was carried to a darkroom, where he watched in horror as two kids trying to escape were being chased around by an aggressive Pitbull. In his school uniform, the man who brought in inside the dark room nodded his head, his aim has been achieved. As the sky turned dark with nothing offered to eat, Percy didn't think of an escape plan.

He wondered what his mother was doing at the moment, was she looking for him everywhere, he felt worried about his parents. As dawn broke, Percy knew he couldn't continue this way, it has been four days and there was nothing he could do to leave the warehouse. He made a plan to escape with a boy that offered him candy, unfortunately he was reported and beaten black and blue.

Percy stared at the boy with a boy with a black eye, thinking didn't he want to go home, didn't he miss his parents. While the other kids were sleeping, he noticed one of the adult giving the boy who gave him candy, giving him more candy to hide in his pocket, and patting his head. Percy, felt cold in his heart. Percy made a promise to not tell anyone his plan any more. He couldn't sleep, every time, he tried, he saw pictures of the boy and girl that were bitten by the Pitbull, the first day he was kidnapped to the warehouse. Every time he slept, he saw himself been attacked by the Pitbull because he kept trying to escape.

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