Separating Choices.

Water is lapping between your chin and neck, each wave colliding to the beat of your heart.

You belated realised you were shivering, still you wonder if it's because of the coldness of the see water, or due to what you were planning to do.

How long till they notice? You wondered How long until anyone realise that you are not among them anymore, listening to every word but not contributing any?

How long, until they know, how far long you had gone from their thoughts and mind?

Your feet had stopped moving. Your mind told them to continue moving, until the water buried you deep, deep in its embrace. Still, they won't move.

You couldn't help but start swallowing the salty water, eyes closing shut each time a small wave hit your face. It's cold, but your face was warm. Of fear? Of anger? Or, of tears?

Your face was warm, but the rest of your body was cold, shivering, freezing. The freezing bit into your skin, making it tingle. Why am I here? You asked. Why am I doing this?

Your foot hit something underneath the water. Or was it the other way around? It supposedly didn't do much. But somehow, it did.

You blinked. The water was still cold, but your body was warming up. You were still there, unmoving. Why am I here?

Your feet started moving again. But instead of forward, they turned around, faced the beach, and moved back.

Stop, stop, your mind screamed, unheard by anyone. You continued moving, until your feet were back on dry sand.

Your mind wanted to be gone, but your body chose to stay.

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