One Stupid Portrait

“Stupid, stupid, stupid” I mutter slamming the car door closed.

“Stupid. It’s all stupid.” I scream at the top of my lungs.

I’m at a hill, a 10 minute drive away from my house in the pouring rain. It’s isolated, perfect.

I jump and scream. My body’s getting drenched but who cares at this point. Clearly not me.

I storm to the trunk of my car and pull out a golf club that the old owner left in it. I strike the ground as hard as possible. My hair is soaked, my brain spiralling out of control.

I scream once more and bash the wet grass a couple more times.

“Love is stupid” I shout, spinning around aggressively, the golf club still in my hand. “Everything’s stupid”

I throw the club down to the ground and run back to the car. I open the door and reach across the seat and rip out a small painting, pinned to the car.

It’s one of me and Georgie that I painted around two months ago. It took me like a week to finish. I slam the door shut again and stare at the image before me with fiery eyes.

I let it drop to the floor, re pick up the golf club and strike it. Over and over. The paint drips around in the painting, the rain reigniting it. It specifically covers my face with paint splotches, making mine odd and disproportionate. Whereas Georgie’s face is perfectly fine.

“Stupid” I shout into the nothingness.

The paper begins to disintegrate into the ground. Our faces both slowly fading. It’s like an eraser rubbing out our mistake.

My brain slows down and comes back to reality. Loud sobs exit my mouth, as I crouch down on the floor next to the painting.

“No, no, no” I murmur. I slowly sink down onto the wet grass I was hitting a few moments before. Tears fall down my cheeks like rain.

Why would he do that? I thought he actually liked me. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.


Again, between Georgie and my OC. This is after the incident in season 5.

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