shittiest day ever

I stood holding my cheek as the pain subsided, frozen in shock.

“you tell anyone about this and i kill you” my now ex idol spit at me.

I looked her in the eyes and just shook my head slowly, backing away as if she was on fire. How could this be happening? i’ve spent every single day of my life after dinner , watching her shoes and listening to her music and this is how it turns out to be. A huge waste of my time. I run down the street in horror as i realize how many others are just like her and as i began to go on a roll of thinking of all the possible icons who might be just alike, i hear a deafening screech of a cars tires way too close for comfort coming from behind me. I turn around and belt out a scream just as everything goes black. The last thing i saw was the back of my idol as she completed her hit and run.

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