Skeletons Of Halloween

Some people hate skeletons because they remind them of their dead relatives corpses. But it’s the season of October and Halloween is finally here, where other people like to dress up in spooky costumes and decorate their houses in spooky decorations, and for Skull the skeleton Halloween is the perfect time to walk around the town of Hollowsville and trick or treat. Instead of eating regular meals like humans Skull only eats candy and sleeps until it’s Halloween. Skull happily goes from door to door saying “trick or treat” and receiving candy, suddenly it started to rain. Skull hates the rain because it ruins his candy and his mood. He finds an umbrella nearby, opens it, and starts walking home. When he got home he looked at his candy, luckily some of it wasn’t ruined and he was happy again. Skull then spent the rest of his Halloween night eating the good non-ruined candy from is bag with a cup of pumpkin spice latte to wash the candy down, and a huge happy smile on his face.

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