The Lady Of Hearts

I watched from my green hill as the violent war raged on. An enemy soldier bursted in, exhausted. I shrieked, “I-I just need-“ he fainted and I was left with a difficult decision.

I need to get up! I screamed at myself but wake up my body refused. A few times I’ve managed to faintly see a young woman taking care of me. Finally I managed to get up. “Be careful. You’re still weak.” “What?…” ever since that day me and the lady (Pearl) met and talked everyday in secret I revealed I was a girl in disguise but to my surprise she loved me the same.

The man, now woman ( Selene) we would laugh and talk together. Until one day, I found out that Selene was burned once they found out she’s been sneaking off. I cried and wailed that night.

*Forty years later*

“Her village found out and burned her too and sowed her eyes shut, so even in death they couldn’t be reunited! Cursed to haunt the green hill forever!” We all stared intently at the fire. My little brother piped up, “H-how do you know she’s real?” “You can hear her, you know she’s there when you hear-“ “My love where are you!?” A ghastly lady rose from the shadows, everyone screamed and ran away.

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