you’re Secret Is Safe

“I didn’t realize she was going to tell me something so personal” Jamie slams the locker shut and pulls on her backpack.

“Well maybe she thought she could trust you.” Megan begins to chew on cheek.

“Meg, it was literally out of nowhere after basketball practice. What am suppose to do with that information?”

Both girls walk along side each other and head to class.

“I Have to tell coach. Or her parents.”

“WHAT Jamie. You can’t.”

“I’m captain Meghan I can’t hold this from everyone.

Meghan leans in and whispers. “You’re seriously going to tell coach, that Tori is pregnant?”

“I have no choice and get this it’s Dean’s”

“Dean Radcliffe? SENIOR DEAN?”

“Will you keep your voice down yes.”

“Woah. This just keeps getting crazier.”

“I know, her parents are going to kill her, she’s not even suppose to date. Let alone a senior.”

Jamie closes her eyes tightly. “Look just keep this between us, promise me to keep a poker face and don’t tell ANYONE”

Meghan does a Girl Scout solute. “Promise” the girls take their seats, the bell rings and class begins. as Mr. Mathew’s teaches, Jamie tunes out the lesson by focusing on the clock. Her mind begins to spin, and soon she’s thinking about Tori and dean.

A freshmen and a senior having a baby. Dean is one of the most popular boys in the entire school. Tori’s parents are strict, and Jamie is unsure how this relationship even manifested.

The bell rings and it’s time for lunch. Meghan and Jamie throw their stuff in their lockers and head to lunch. They grab the greasy pizza and sit at their normal table. Tori is waiting eating a salad. the girls sit down and at first the table is quiet.

“How was English with Mathew’s ” Tori says staring at her tray.

“It was good, I wish we’d skip Romeo and Juliet.”

Meghan giggles but her eyes are locked on Tori.

“Why are looking at me like that?” Tori’s tone is a little harsh.

“Sorry. I just Love that shirt”

Tori looks down at her ripped Sesame Street tee and shrugs. “I’m going to pee” she gets up and heads to the back of the cafe. Jamie nudges Meghan.

“What the fuck, you were practically shooting lasers into her stomach”

“I couldn’t help myself, she has a baby in there”

Jamie shakes her head. Out of all people to tell Meghan was probably not the best person to speak too.

“So are you seriously going to do it” Meghan plays with her half eaten pizza. Something she does when she’s anxious.

“I have a meeting with coach today.” Jamie says before finishing her milk.

“Do you think coach will tell her parents.”


Both girls sigh. Tori sits back down.

“Sorry that took so long. The line was ridiculous too many people are their periods”

The table gets quiet again.

“Okay guys we allll have had our periods. Why are we being so weird today.”

Jamie and Meghan exchange looks. Nothing is said. Meghan chugs her apple juice and looks like her hands are starting to sweat.

“That’s it I can’t keep this in any longer… Tori are you pregnant”

“MEGHAN” Jame shouts

Tori shoots a look at Jamie. “What the fuck Jamie. 2 days. it took you two days to tell guilty conscience over here.”

“I’m sorry” Meghan shoves the rest of her pizza down her throat.

“Why the fuck did you tell her”

“I didn’t know who else to turn too”

“She could’ve told co-“ Jamie nudges Meghan before she can finish.

Tori gets loud. “TELL WHO? COACH MARK?! ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS. I thought you were my friend. you know what fuck this”

Tori storms off from the table.

“Meghan you are seriously dead. I told you to shut up”


“Shut up we realize that.” Jamie rubs her forehead as if she can feel a headache coming on. If it’s not a headache, Jamie can only hope and pray Meghan never gets into a situation like this. the entire world would fall apart.

The bell rings, lunch is over, the girls drop off their lunch trays. They head to the gym to change, as they walk the hallway Jamie’s chest begins to feel tight.

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