You attract me like magnets

You’re dark clouds and a storm

And I’m the rainbow after, its tragic

And we fell in love but what for

My teachers always told me

Opposite attract

Like the north and south pole

Its always been that way, its a fact

Dark feminity and barbie

The way your arm feels around me

Its a freeing feeling so heavenly

I can’t hear your name without seeing

You in my bedroom

Staring at me with a prize

“I won this for you”

Its hard for me to love but, I’ll try

I don’t want you to leave

Stay up with me watching scary movies

Baby please stay please

Please let me see

Hold me while watching scary movies

I’m not actually scared

I just want you to hold me

Please dont leave me alone

You attarct me like magnets

Please stay

We’re end game, its just science

Please stay here with me

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