If I died

If I died, would I be forgotten as easily as a lost toy? is my person important to people enough to be a long cherished memory when I die?

Am I an impact? Am I memorable? I'm not so important as the sun in the big blue sky, nothing can compare to it, nor am I as beautiful as a rose flourishing alone among buds, its beauty is indescribable.

But can I still be remembered if I died, would my presence be missed, if I die, who would notice, who would care?

How would I know if my impact to the people around me was positive or negative. Do I have anything special that people can remember me by, and not just all this, what if instead, my disappearance is a relief? if I died, how long would the memory of me last? do I have a good story? do I have a story at all? Will there be tears?

What would happen if I died?

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