How Love Is Beautiful 1-Heartache

‘Oh, how beautiful someone could be, when they’re sitting right in front of me,’ cheesy, I know, but it was supposed to be. It was apart of a poem in a series that would never be shared with anyone, let alone the world. All of the poems were about the same someone, the someone rambling about something while trying to eat.

I had gotten a rip and scraped my knee during gymnastics, so they took me to my favorite pizza place.

At first, we were just friends, but when I realized how amazing they were I fell fast and hard. The only problem? They’re a girl.

Josie and I had met at a kid’s gymnastics class when we were eight. A decade later and it’s almost graduation.

I wish I could’ve told her how I felt, but both of our parents our parents don’t like gay people, and I don’t know her standing on it.

“Um, on another note,” She said, “I went on a date Saturday,” I felt my heart sink, “The reason I didn’t tell you when I got asked out is because I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a, um, prank? And I wanted to be careful that my parents didn’t find out, because um, my date was a, um,”

“Spit it out already Josie,” I encouraged.

“Girl!” She yelled “My date was, is, a girl,” She whispered the last part while looking scared.

She was scared of how I would react, like I have been for the last two years. “So, uh, who is it?”

She looked surprised, “Oh, um, you know Nina, the 14 year old on vault?” I nodded, “Well, she has this older sister, Carmen, we had been talking and flirting a little when she would come to pick Nina up,”

‘Oh, how love could hurt, when you are over looked for a flirt,’ I never thought I would write a poem about rejection, but here we are.

I like a girl, who also likes a girl, but that girl is not me.

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