Dear Daughter

I made this journal for you when you begun to read. I never got to see my baby grow into a young lady. If I had a chance to see you grow I would do anything. But unfortunately my time came I wasn’t strong enough to pick you up when you were born. The doctors told me I wouldn’t be able to live for much longer. So I took time into writing through this journal through the days I’ve had left.

Pats 4:

To my daughter how are you doing? Are you doing good in school? I hope you’re as smart as your father! Did he finally achieve his dream into becoming a teacher! Oh how much I miss you. I picture in my mind of you taking your first step. Saying your first word. Even reading your first book.

Page 10:

To my beautiful daughter your probably 10 now double digits! How exciting soon you’ll be a teen! Oh how I wish I could watch you meet your first love. Which I’m fact is not always the case. One day you’ll be given the talk from you father. But whether you like guys or girls we will both love you dearly.

Page 16:

To my beautiful daughter. Your sixteen! I hope you learn well in driving. I’m sure you’ll do excellent with a teacher like your father. Today I’m still in the hospital but your father brought you here and for once I got to hold you my baby. Oh how I wish I could see you go to your first homecoming. If I was there I would’ve taken a lot of photos of you my dear.

Page 21:

To my dear daughter your a women now. So I can no longer call you a girl. But you will always by my baby girl in my eyes. I had to write 2 pages today because well I’m getting worse. I’m fighting for you. My mind is full of future memories of you. But my hand has gotten weak so it’s hard to write now. So I let your father write as I talked. My dear daughter. This is the age of fun parties and young love. I have a surprise sending to you when you ever get married. My wedding dress is for you to use for whoever you married. But if you choose a different dress I won’t be hurt at all. As long as you are happy. Don’t drink much. When you do drink careful around guys. Guys tend to do stupid stuff.

Page: 25

Dear daughter,

This is no longer your mother writing. It’s your father. Unfortunately your mother passed away yesterday. She didn’t suffer she went out with peace. She left you her necklace to wear so you can always keep her close to you.

Sincerely. Your mother

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