Does God Hide In Heaven Cause Hes Afraid

“Alright class this exam will be worth 30% of your final mark, i advise you all to take your time and do your best” i felt kid cum drip down my balls and out my louis vitton skirt. “Begin now” I immediately heard whispers amongst the students. “Guys something fucked just happened, Mr. Clark just held a gun to my head and demanded i creampied him” i was intrigued by what i heard so i let the conversation continue. They had no idea i could hear them, i was about as wet as a grown man could be just from the sound of the tiny voice. “Yeah man it was a fucking nightmare, he held a gun to my head and kissed me in the hallway and made me show him my weener and then sat on it and put this fucked up mask on and then I couldn’t help but jizz even tho i hated it so fucking much” “WHAT THE FUCK?! YO CALL THE COPS CALVIN THATS FUCKED” i smirked as i violently farted cum onto the smartboard and caused it to malfunction and loudly play a siren sound. I deciedly to play along, “ any students caught being NAUGHTY little CUTIES during the EXAM will be FORCED to stay LATE and be PUNISHED” I knew this was extremely taboo but i cpuldnt help myself. I had 8th grader weener on my mind and i was a SLOPPY SLUT. “Fuck man…hes referring to me im nearly certain” whispered phillip, little diamond dick phillip with the cowlick and the gym shorts. I wanted to gobble up his lunch off a globe while he beat the back of my head with a meter stick. “EXAMS OVER LITTLE DUMB IDIOTS!” I belched as i laid on my back, held my legs above my head and shit. “EVERYBODY LEAVE!” I pointed directly at 4 foot 3 phillip, “EXCEPT YOU, YOUVE BEEN BAAAAAD BAD BAD AND THE ONLY WAY YOURE PASSING THIS CLASS…” i lowered my voice and winked at my baby, “is suckin daddys milky peepee baby booboo chubby cutey” i opened my top drawer and pulled out my pistol, and wrecklessly shot it amongst the students. “CHUGGA CHUGGA CHUGGA CHUGGA WOO WOO!” even though i knew i wasnt a train i still felt compelled to make train sounds. “YOU FUCKED UP THE EXAM, NOW I GOTTA BOUNCE YOUR BOOTY RETARD” i quickly realized that i might have gone too far by calling him a retard but then I remembered i had fucked him a half hour ago and name calling paled in comparison to rape. He held my head down on a bunsen burner and splashed vinegar in my eyes. If only i had taught math or gym this would have been so much easier, i thought to myself. The principal barged in and i had a bad feeling he had finally realized that i was not, and had never been, a teacher at all. Just a simple man lookin to drill simple kids on a simple sink. “Knock that off and dont do that!” Said the principal who ironically was not my pal at all. “Hand over that chalk!” He yelled. “You have a smartboard dumbass! You dont need chalk anymore!” He always said the smartest shit, and thats why i respected him. “ HEEEEELP!!!” Yelled little philly cum bottom. “SHUT THE FUCK UP LIL FAGGOT!” Responded the principal before brutally smashing 4 overhead projectors on the young mans head. Even i felt bad. I fired up a video titled “Wildest WWE matches of the 2010’s on the smartboard and pissed into the closest electrical outlet. Welcome to wayside school pussy boy.

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