Purple Girl (I'm Psycho)

Made while listening to the song πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ’š


"Tell us where everything is." An officer standing before her demands.

She keeps her head down, but sneers. "Never."

The officer growled and lifted her head. She smiled at him creepily.

"Tell. Me. Where. Everything. Is." the officer said again.

The women swiftly kicked the officer back. She leaped out of the seat, ripped her ties off, and removed the gag.

The officer staggers to his feet. The woman glances over her shoulder at him with another creepy smile on her face and crazy eyes.

"You thought you could actually catch me?" She turns and takes a few steps toward him. "You should know..." She walks even closer. "I'm psycho..." She shoves her face in his.

He doesn't flinch. She backs away and straightens her tie. "Fine. You want to play like that."

She takes a few steps back and grabs a match from her pocket. She quickly swipes her finger over it and a flame bursts from the top. She holds it up to her face and the flame reflects in her eyes. She smiles and looks toward the officer.

The officer keeps flashing his gaze from her to the lit match. "Please don't..."

She flicks the match over her shoulder. "Too late."

She shrugs before spinning around, running to a wall, and jumping against it to the metal platform above. Then she leans her arms on the railing and stares into the officer's eyes as the bottom floor explodes into flames. She begins laughing and flips herself onto her back to stare at the chaos she caused. The large flames burned in the reflection of her eyes as she continued laughing.

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