Stand up again

I remember 5 years ago, I stood up for a friend’s friend. He was being physically bullied, tormented and didn’t want to fight back. I stood up for him by telling the bully: “ Hey stop that, we don’t appreciate that here.” But it was probably my deep tone that threw him off more . Later that day That friend of a friend wanted to hang out again, but the middle man connection between us... this person became more introverted and harder to reach. He was no longer in my high school. And I began my high school. I didn’t see him much but we lost contact over time more and more often. and then it basically stopped. I also never learnt the name of the boy who I defended at the time because it was near the end of the trip, and at the time I was a socially awkward introvert.

A couple years later when I became a successful novelist and was holding my first press conference in order to try to raise my fame and increase sales. I tried to calm down the crowd and ask to do things in an orderly way. They wouldn’t listen. All but one man. This man whipped out a megaphone from his backpack and shouted through it, “ Yo guys give the man some respect.”

I thought to myself, “no that couldn’t be him...”

“Hey man, remember me? I’m an interviewer now , working for Channel 1 news. As soon as I saw your headline, I remembered you . What do you say old pal, old buddy of mine, can I grab your ‘scoop’ first, privately sometime? “

“Sure man, let’s set up a time”

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