“Have A Nice Day!”

“Have a great day and enjoy the rest of your stay here at the park! “, Eleanor called out to the park guests leaving the restaurant.

This was always her go to line whenever saying bye to the park guests. It’s something you develop over time while working here, it’s your personal park spiel. The lines you recite in your head over and over until it feels like clockwork only while you’re here. It’s what only amusement park employees can relate to. A language only they know how to speak.

This started off as any ordinary repetitive day. Nothing too unusual, just another hosting shift at the restaurant. Everything from greeting park guests to cleaning menus. Eleanor didn’t mind the repetitive work, everyday here was different. No park guest is ever the same. The one thing Eleanor always looked forward to, was getting to clock out and head home. She hated that her job was such a long drive from home. But three days out of the week wasn’t so bad.

So you can imagine how crappy Eleanor felt, when 5 minutes before she was to clock out from her seemingly short shift. The sound of sirens is blasted all through the park’s speakers, and simultaneously the emergency alert message begins to wail from every cell phone in range.

Eleanor ,much like everyone around her, pulls out her phone to read the same message being sent to every electronic device equipped with receiving alerts.

The emergency alert message read as follows:

“EMERGENCY EMERGENCY EMERGENCY .This is an emergency alert. Repeat, this is an emergency alert. There are numerous accounts of rabid people attacks all over not just the nation but the world. What seems to be an air born virus is spreading rapidly from human to human. Stay indoors if possible and stay alert. EMERGENCY EMERGENCY EMERGENCY”

“Great,thought Eleanor. Looks like I won’t be heading home anytime soon”.

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